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Some Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
game of thrones season 8 episode 3

If you hate spoiler, (please) don't read this post. I'm a fan of Game of Thrones, but till now I never posted anything related to the show. This time in the final season, after watching episode 3, I think I need to talk about it a little bit because:
1. this is the last season
2. after slow episodes 1 and 2, this eps finally made me cry
3. unexpected
4. some fans are disappointed

These are merely some thoughts that came after the Battle of Winterfell or the Great War ended. Comments and theories are welcome. Enjoy!

Slowly thrilled

In the beginning, it is a bit slow but the thrill began at first 10 minutes where the Dothraki army came forward to start the attacking. Although Melisandre had empowered the swords, they were easily beaten by the deads. Oh one more, I was just so disappointed with the light. I could barely see anything.

Jon's wolf, Ghost, was there with the Dothraki, but it didn't return. So sad. This show has sacrificed so many animals and men.

Naughty Giant!

lyanna mormont dead

Who is a fan of Lyanna Mormont? the tough little lady refused to stay in the crypt and chose to be on the battlefield with her little army, waiting for the deads at the gate. She finally faced a wight, a HUGE WIGHT. A Giant. Isn't it ridiculous that they set a little girl to fight a giant? 

Lyanna was very brave. She could run and hide like the Hound did, but no. She didn't run away. She charged towards the giant. The giant held her, crushed, and broke her tiny bones. Before her death, she stabbed her weapon to the giant's eye. The giant collapsed and so did she. House Mormont is officially extinct, "we shall never see his like again".

Oh, f**k. Pity Jon Snow

the battle of winterfell

A sad scene that made me "whaaaaaat? you must be kidding!". It was when Jon tried to confront the Night King to have a one-on-one battle. The army of the deads were almost vanished by the dragon fire. So, it was the best chance to approach the Night King.

Hold on, Jon! You forgot that the icy king could turn the deads into wights and you were in the middle of dead soldiers. 

When the Night King looked back at Jon, raising his hands, the dead soldiers woke up. The battle was not over yet. At that time I immediately said: "oh, fk...". the Night King's tagline must be "today's enemy is friends tomorrow". Jon never got a chance to swing his sword at the King.

Why Did I Cry?

game of thrones season 8 episode 3

According to the rumors before, many characters will die in this episode. I expected melodramatic scenes. There were two slow, emotional deaths that I noticed, Theon's and Jorah's death which successfully makes many fans cry. The others faced pretty quick deaths. But still, they didn't make me cry.

Surprisingly, the scene of Sansa and Tyrion hiding from Starks wights in the crypt made me cry. I don't know why. I meant, I watched without subtitle so I didn't really understand what they both talked about. But, yeah I just cried. Perhaps I remembered how both of them survived in the King's Landing, a miserable, pity life. Now they are free from that life only to face death, together again.

LOL He Smiled. Creepy!

game of thrones

For a long time, I've seen this mysterious guy without any emotion but cold, then he finally showed some happy, creepy, smile as he underestimated Dany and Jon. Yeah, the Night King smiled. Maybe he was over joy. He had made a plan and waited for terrible thousands of years to bring endless night. This is the time to fight. Weak enemies. A crippled boy. An old lady. Men. Men without balls.

They brought fire dragons but the fire didn't kill him. Valyrian steel? dragon glass? He got thousands of wights as his shield and if the wights are dead, he could raise the fallen enemies as his wights. What else to worry about? Smile, dude! you're about to win.

Hmmm So, No One killed the Night King

game of thrones season 8 episode 3

This is the most unexpected one. I know Arya a.k.a No One has great skills at killing, but something that doubted me is that they showed me how nearly-hopeless Arya fought in the Battle of Winterfell. She was scaredly running through halls, nearly killed by wights. There was like no chance killing the Night King.

Thanks to Melisandre who whispered Arya's prophecy when they both met for the first time in the woods. Arya will shut many eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes. yes, that "blue eyes" is the hint for the Night King. Arya, who disliked the Red Woman before, suddenly believed her prophecy. From hopeless to 100% confident, she went to God's Wood where the Night King was about to kill Bran. Out of nowhere, she successfully stabbed the icy king with the Valyrian steel dagger, that dagger used to kill little-Bran. And that's how the greatest enemy from North died, a Valyrian dagger by No One.

How Ary killed the Night King seems too easy compared to what Jon and Dany had lost fighting this king. Jon lost a lot of friends and almost died twice (in the East Watch and in the Winterfell). Dany had lost one of her dragons. While Jon had no chance to directly fight the Night King, Arya killed him in single combat. Jumped and stabbed, that was so fast. Too fast. 

A bit disappointed about how the Night King ended, but yeah it needs an end. I hope they didn't do it because they were tired of filming, of course not. But, this too-quick death has sparked a theory among some fans, like "The Night King is not dead yet because he is Bran. He lives inside Bran". Well, I thought "the Night King is Bran" theory had been abandoned but there are some who still believe. Me? hmmm, I just believe in No One :p

Since Arya could kill the greatest enemy, I began to think that she was the prince that was promised (PTWP). I was not sure though. Maybe, I was just amazed by her killing talent. The prince, he triumphed the dark age (the Night King maybe) and brought summer to Westeros. Arya did triumph but like the priests believe the prince was most likely a king or queen, kind of a leader. It might be Jon Snow or Daenerys as they are the most influential leaders so far. 

Well, I believed that once but now I doubt it. Everything can happen in this show. They won't let us easily guess the story. Plus, from online sources, I found some other candidates, from Gendry to the Hound. They are also believed to be PTWP. hmmm, people are really trying to think of an unexpected story.

You are so useful, why you want to die?

game of thrones season 8 episode 3

Help has come to Winterfell from every corner, even unwanted help. Red Woman, Melisandre, was exiled once and the top-one enemy of Ser Davos who swore to kill her if she comes to North again. Her coming was very useful though. She empowered the Dothraki's swords, helped to lit the trench, and whispered a prophecy at Arya.

After the battle was won, I thought people would forgive her and allow her to join them but Melisandre chose to die. She walked out the gate, removed her necklace, walked a little bit, and died. For one second after she removed the necklace I said, "no nude please". Thanks, no nude scene of an old lady again.

I wondered why she died. She once removed her necklace and she was just fine despite her look, but this time she was really dead. Some possible reasons are she promised to die to Ser Davos and her mission from her Lord was achieved, "I'm no longer useful and needed".

As the Night King had some kind of spell and magic thing, Melisandre was very useful at this battle but the next battle will not involve magic things, so yeah, she is not needed anymore. Cersei is a common enemy, so I think Melisandre has the right to take a rest while Varys and Tyrion will play an important part as support in the wars to come. No mage now.

The Greatest Enemy is Cersei after all

I hope the Night King was not dead yet. I wanted him to travel farther to the South, facing Cersei or Lannister army. The two great villains kill each other, beautiful but impossible. Now, the Night King died (if it's true). It allows Cersei to claim the first position as the greatest enemy in the show along with Euron.

I had a thought that Jaime will rejoin Cersei and lead the Lannister army against Dany. I meant he came to North to fulfill his oath, defend the living from the dead. Now the deads have gone and he is free to go home. I remembered he also said that he did many things to protect his house and family and he would do it again. 

Cersei is his family. Lannister is his house which is about to be burnt into ashes. Cersei has a baby for the future of the house. He cannot let his house extinct. Marrying another woman? The Big Woman? she is not enough. Plus, Tormund is still alive hahaha 

I also heard a theory about someone who will betray Dany. Will this be true? Let's wait. Time will reveal.
Let's summarize the characters who died in the Battle of Winterfell a.k.a the Great War:
1. Ghost?
2. Lyanna Mormont
3. Dolorous Edd (from the night's watch)
4. Jorah Mormont
5. Theon Greyjoy
6. Beric Dondarrion
7. Melisandre
8. The Night King?
I don't have access to HBO. Thanks to these sites I can watch Game of Thrones online for free:

1. w6.all123movies.com - the first site to stream, good server but bad quality
2. cinewhale.com - a bit late, good quality, but has a bad server
3. indoxxi.cx - late, good quality, has many servers

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